Top Secret Alien Area 51- Live And Dead Alien.

Area 51 is the mysterious territory surrounded on all sides by mountains and reaches deep into the uninhabited desert. In no event is open to the public, entrance is heavily guarded and enter this object has the ability to only US military and researchers. Since 1957 serves as the core base where Air Force Base Lockheed has innovated lietedlá for the needs of the CIA.

Secret military base located at the bottom of dried up lake Groom, across which passes the longest runway in the world. Among the pilots, this territory called the “Dreamland” – the land of dreams.

It is the area used to TOP SECRET latest research, which is essential to increase efficiency defense forces and national security. The base, however, will always verejnosťopradená the veil of mystery, because the US Air Force admitted and finally confirmed the existence of the object to Area 51 in 1994!


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