This Man Filmed A Giant UFO Floating Right Above Lake Erie

Last December, two American residents – a father and son – were driving along the shore of Lake Erie, Ohio, when they came across a massive object hovering above the water’s surface. It is not an accident that an unidentified object appeared in the Great Lakes. Many ships, planes and people have disappeared from this area. Folklore and legends refers to these lakes as the “Cursed Triangle”, the United States.

Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501 disappeared in Lake Michigan, June 23, 1950.

However, locals believe that these lakes contain extraterrestrial bases, which is hard to believe, given the number UFO encounters.

Let’s go back to the father-son situation. They considered the object to be a “flying Saucer” with clearly defined edges. It is even more remarkable that the item is mirrored on a lake’s surface. Apart from this, the water below seemed to sparkle or stir, even though it was only 6 meters above the surface.

This is just one example of many unusual and unexplainable events that occur in the Great Lakes. Others even suggest that there may be an underwater alien base.


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