Could the RH negative trait actually come from inner breeding with the ancient Anunnaki?

Is it possible that the RH trait could have been inherited from inner breeding with Anunnaki aliens? This belief is shared by many ancient theorists. Here’s how it happened.

On average, people who are RH-negative have pale skin and light eyes. They are able to see clearly and have other senses that are heightened. Some are born with tails and extra vertebrae

Many people believe we were never evolved from apes. An ancient alien being made the claim that we are evolved. This is because we had to have tails for a large part of our field development. However, RH Negatives are born with a lower average body temperature and lower blood pressure.

Many traits that are similar to reptiles, such as web toes and other characteristics at birth, have been observed in these animals. Others believe we came from the Hyperborean Race or the Nordics

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