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Photo And Video :Bizarre Video Shows The Carp, With A Resemblance To A Man’s Face, Nose, Mouth, And Eyes, Not To Be Dismissed.

A visitor to a village in southern was speechless after discovering a fish that seemed to have a human face.

The bizarre video shows the carp, with a resemblance to a man’s face, nose, mouth, and eyes, not to be dismissed. The extraordinary animal was discovered by a visitor to Miao Village, a tourist destination in the city of Kunming.

Internet users were amazed by the 15-second clip published today on Weibo, counterpart to Twitter. One person wrote: “This is frightening”, another asked: “Who dares to eat “it”?

Carps have long been known to have these “similarities” with a human face.
Carps with a human face have already been reported in Taiwan and the United Kingdom.